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Highly flexible and developed to align seamlessly with your business, Legacy is built for the digital age. From a single user to multiple users within a firm, it can be tailored to your specific needs giving you  complete control of your client’s journey. Get in touch to discover more about our comprehensive UK will writing software.

Meet your new team member… Legacy Software.

Stop wasting time on admin and start utilising CTT Legacy Software. Our system will instantly complete the boring tasks for you, allowing you to do your job more productively. This powerful platform gives you ultimate flexibility. Process documents yourself or let your support network at CTT do the hard work for you. Holiday coming up? We can handle all your documents and administration so you can return to an empty desk and focus on the most important thing – your clients!

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Many hands make light work!

With over 90 legal products and services available at the click of a button, what are you waiting for? You only have one pair of hands, so begin to use your time and knowledge wisely by integrating our fully paperless, cloud-based business management system into your existing business. Whether you’re a single user or a large corporation, Legacy adapts to work for you and your existing processes.

Every product you will ever draft, available in one secure portal. We are quick to adapt, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date legislation relevant to the region you’re drafting for. We guarantee if you need it, it will be there.

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Support whenever you need it.

The dedicated training bulletins and video section guides you every step of the way. With over 50 videos available, access to our advisers during office hours and our Active Chat giving you 24/7 support, we can answer all your questions as they arise. In addition, you’ll be kept up to date with new releases and provided with comprehensive training material to learn how to use them.

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Your New Team Member
Integrated Risk Management Package

A portfolio of over 90 documents, offering access to the most up-to-date legislation for all UK geographies on one powerful platform. Secure, encrypted software that integrates seamlessly with your existing databases. Fully paperless client communication and integrated risk management package save time and money. Our guarantee: if you need it, we will build it.

Mitigating the need for high-risk transactions, Legacy is paperless and completely secure. From forms and Bank details to ID documents; share sensitive information in a GDPR-compliant way through one, single portal. Consistency delivered, whoever you’re dealing with.

Frequently Asked Questions About the CTT Legacy Software

Can I use Legacy offline?

Yes, data can be imported but it must be in a particular format. Legacy provides a spreadsheet for you to import data and create a client.

Can I export data?

Yes, you can export data on main clients.

What format are documents in CTT Legacy created in?

Word and PDF documents.

Can I get documents checked over?

Absolutely, there is a document checking service, which is particularly helpful for document signing.  We also provide bespoke estate planning.

What documents can you create with CTT Legacy?

There are over 100 different products available in Legacy, ranging from simple wills to LPAs and pilot trusts.

How is data stored?

Data is stored on UK-based servers in a GDPR-compliant way.

What is the monthly cost of Legacy?

The monthly cost will vary depending on your package but could be between £52 to £100 plus VAT each month.