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The demand for a digital approach to advisory services following the COVID-19 pandemic has never been higher – Enter Legacy Software.

With bank transfer fraud on the rise, your customers want to know that their most valuable assets are in safe hands. Unfortunately, emails are susceptible to hacking by cybercriminals, which can be costly and potentially life-changing to their victims.

Firms that use digital portals are becoming increasingly attractive to potential clients concerned about security. Legacy’s secure software is built for the modern consumer, mitigating many risks both for you and your customers.

Practitioners have developed Legacy’s digital platform to be both functional and secure. Using the same two-factor authentication system implemented by banks. The encrypted client portal allows advisers to channel many of their tasks through the system. Allowing for a protected exchange of information and removes the necessity for multiple in-person meetings.

When you map the typical client journey, case management systems like Legacy can simplify this process for both the clients and the advisers.

The software is fully GDPR compliant. Clients can share sensitive documentation such as passports and bank details with their advisers in complete confidence that their information is protected. In addition, advisers can channel any documents relating to probate or trustee work through the system. These can be sent directly from the software to the client and returned digitally into Legacy.

Unlike the other digital portals, Legacy is engineered for clients and advisers to send money without the danger of it getting lost. Legacy even allows you to open bank accounts – mitigating the risk of conveyancing scams through intercepted emails. The portal also provides a full audit trail of when documents have been sent, received, signed and returned.

To learn more about how Legacy can keep your data safe. Visit CTT Legacy Software: Document Management Software ( to find out more or request a free trial.