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Bid farewell to high-risk transactions, with Legacy’s secure communication portal that allows you to send messages, forms and sensitive information direct to your clients with ultimate confidence.

Your work, your way.

Our transformative portal gives you ultimate flexibility. Integrating seamlessly with your existing CRM to provide Information to your clients down one, clear route. Legacy allows you to process documents yourself or let your support network at CTT do the hard work for you. Holiday coming up? We can handle all your documents and administration so you can return to an empty desk and focus on the most important thing – your clients! 

Convenient and risk averse.

Hate admin? With Legacy you can process all your paperwork during your meetings with clients. Our intelligent system warns you if information is missing and allows you to process all the relevant documents straight away; ensuring you leave your appointments admin free and without risk of losing confidential correspondence. We are quick to adapt to any changes in legislation, giving you complete confidence that you’re always up-to-date.

Communicate with your clients securely

Emails are not secure and can be intercepted by hackers who can change their contents causing a disaster for both you and your clients. With an integrated web-based secure client communication system, the CTT Legacy software has a growing number of capabilities enabling the secure transfer of Information for AML/ID checks, completion of forms and uploading of Bank Account details from Executors, Beneficiaries and Trustee’s in a GDPR-compliant and simple way.

  • Easily accessible to the client via their mobile device or PC, you can:
  • Send encrypted messages to your clients without the need for email.
  • Request ID documents – passports, driving licence & more.
  • Complete & send forms securely.
  • Share information in a GDPR-compliant and simple way.
  • Avoid asking for sensitive and personal information by email.