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Our PI Insurance Service will provide you with a safety net specifically designed to cover the costs of defending your business against any future claims.

When you join CTT Group or use our Will writing Software, PI Insurance is available to you.

Every Adviser working in association with CTT Group, must have Professional Indemnity Insurance in place, again this needs to be in place prior to commencing work and recommending our Products and Services to your clients.

You have worked hard to make your company a success so it makes sense to protect it. At CTT Group we offer a comprehensive PI Insurance service to help safeguard you and your business.

Working under the CTT Group Umbrella

For those of you wanting to be included on CTTs Own Professional Indemnity Insurance policy, your clients will be required to make the full payment of both processing, commission and VAT to CTT Group.

The commission element will then be paid to you once the client payment has cleared, normally within 2 weeks of receiving payment.

The level of cover is £2,000,000 per claim and is provided free of charge.

Satellite PI

Alternatively, you have the option to purchase your own Satellite Personal Indemnity Insurance through our own PI providers, for the level of cover appropriate to your own business. Using our PI providers allows you to buy your own policy at greatly discounted rates, to cover your own Will and Trust Company.

Purchasing your own PI cover will enable you to pay client monies for Wills, Trusts and other products into your own bank account. You will then only have to forward any processing costs for your order, where appropriate, onto CTT and yet still be assured that these transactions are fully covered by your own PI.

The level of cover is £2,000,000 per claim. Your Policy will be issued in your own or your company name under CTT’s Master Policy through our recommended insurer.

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