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All of our training will count towards any Continuous Professional Development.

Will Writing, Estate Planning and LPA Drafting

CTT Group Estate Planning Foundation Course Part 1

This course introduces Will Writing and discusses in detail the use of Will-based trusts. It outlines the use of Discretionary Trusts, Pilot Trusts and Asset Protection Trusts. On completion of this course you can confidently advise, explain and utilise Trusts, enabling you to provide a bespoke Estate Planning service to suit your client’s individual needs.

The course provides a practical introduction to making Lasting Powers of Attorney, identifying the parties involved. Registering LPA’s, drafting restrictions, together with avoiding errors.

The definitive guide to Trusts and Taxation of Trusts

CTT Group Estate Planning Foundation Course Part 2

Part 2 of the CTT Group Estate Planning Foundation Course should be completed within three months of attending Part 1. In order to benefit you and your business, we would strongly recommend that you do not attend the course until you have undertaken your first Instruction.

This course provides a definitive guide to Trusts, looking in detail at the different types of Trust and the most appropriate trust tailored to your client’s needs, securing their financial future and protecting the interests of their beneficiaries.

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If you are a CTT Group Member, you can also benefit from a discount on our further courses.

Probate & Trust Administration, LPAs and Long Term Care

Have you been putting Wills, Trusts and LPAs in place for clients as part of their planning for the future? Once you have put this in place for them, do you know what could happen next? Help equip yourself for the ‘next stage’ of advising and assisting your clients, and in turn their families when they look to you for guidance in the future. Attend our new course to feel more confident when talking to your clients about what might happen in later life, and after death.

Planning for Corporate and High Net Worth Clients Part 1 & 2

This  course has been developed by our team of experts to help you respond to the ever increasing complexity of high net worth client’s affairs. This course will show you how to develop bespoke planning solutions to your clients individual circumstance, safeguarding their wealth for future generations.

Superhero Webinars

Every client needs a hero…. here’s how to make sure it’s you!

Each month CTT Group run a free webinar where our experts discuss a topic subject and you can ask them any questions you might have. These webinars may be based on new legislation changes or it may focus on a particular type of planning. We would strongly recommend you attend all of our Superhero webinars. They are the best way to keep your knowledge up to date, as well as learning something new and identifying further opportunities. Our webinars are viewed by hundreds of advisors, including Solicitors, Accountants, Mortgage Advisors, IFA’s and Will Writers.Topics which we have covered in the past include Asset Protection Trusts, Residence Nil Rate Band, Planning for Buy to Lets, Pension Death Benefits, Life Policies, Deeds of Variation, Trust of Land, Flexible Life Interest Trusts, Probate, Professional Trustee service, Planning for Disabled and Vulnerable clients and Gift Trusts… to name but a few!

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