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The nature of advisory work is inherently risky. Documents that are potentially decades-old can come back to haunt you years after they’ve been filed. Our Legacy software is developed by practitioners with you in mind, mitigating many of the risks present when drafting documents. Here are a few of the ways we can minimise your risks.

Never out of date.

With Legacy, we constantly update the system as new regulations are implemented. When drafting documents on behalf of your clients, we guarantee that you will always be working with the most up-to-date legislation relevant to the UK territory your clients reside in. Any amendments to legal clauses are updated immediately after the court case, reducing the risk of working with outdated documents. New questions can be added to the software immediately, reducing the requirement to wait for training when changes in legislation or tax are made.

Your client’s voice from beyond the grave.

Contentious probate is on the rise, and historical cases are causing endless problems, with lengthy court cases for advisers following the death of their clients. The software can produce a Larke vs Nugent report at the touch of a button. The Will commentary document is Legacy’s innovative and vital function that stops contentious probate dead in its tracks.

This document is signed by the client serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it asks a series of in-depth questions, allowing the adviser to ascertain that the individual in question is of sound mind before the Will is drafted. Secondly, it allows the client the opportunity to explain why they have constructed their will in a particular manner.

When combined with the statement of execution, these products act as the client’s voice beyond the grave and answers all the potential questions a challenging solicitor may have. Thereby redacting the risk of embarking on a tedious and time-consuming legal challenge.

Centralised communication system.

Legacy’s digital portal has a notification system that centralises communication. The system prevents emails from being blocked by either client’s or advisers’ servers, getting lost in junk mail or just generally disappearing in the mire of a busy inbox and not being read. The system manages notifications, so they are categorised in order of importance. So the high priority tasks are notified immediately, and the less important ones are there for the recipient to read when time is available.

In addition, advisers can view what has been sent to the client in the software, making it quick and straightforward to resolve any queries they may have.

Legacy also notifies on any updates regarding the client, such as payments required, executions to complete or dates of changes made to their file. This leaves a clear audit trail of all transactions, so you do not have to trawl through email chains or rifle through dusty filing cabinets!

Promoting Best Practice

We’ve developed Legacy to ensure you always follow best practices. Legacy identifies areas of concern and implications for your client’s estate planning – for example, if you’re creating a tax charge. In addition, advisers can send an order summary for their customer to check their names and address details immediately after instruction has finished, improving accuracy and eliminating the possibility of expensive corrections later.

Here when you need us.

We pride ourselves on the level of support we offer you throughout every step of your client’s journey. Our highly experienced advisers are on hand during office hours to guide you through any issues you may have. In addition, our chatbot is available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, whatever you’re drafting.

To find out more about Legacy or take a free trial, visit CTT Legacy Software: Document Management Software (