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Superhero Webinar 91: Trust Registration – an opportunity to grow your business!

Q: What is our Superhero Webinar offering this time?

A: CTTC are registering all NEW Trusts for no additional cost!* And showing you that Trust Registration is an opportunity, not a threat to your estate planning business!


  • Trust Registration:
    – What is it?
    – Which Trusts need to register?
    – When do the various trusts need to be registered by?
  • What are CTT Group’s charges for Trust Registration when the trust already exists/CTTC are not trustees?
  • The opportunities that Trust Registration brings to attract new clients and introducers for your business
  • CTT Group’s service to our existing consultants/members, including the ability for us to extract client data quickly for you to mailshot your clients whose trusts you have set up via CTTC
  • Questions and Answers

*All Pilot/Lifetime Trusts drafted by CTTC after 20th June 2022 on which CTTC are appointed as a Trustee at outset will be registered in-house by our team for no additional cost.

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