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This two-day course looks in detail at the different types of Trust and the most appropriate Trust tailored to your client’s needs, securing their financial future and protecting the interests of beneficiaries. Following the introduction of the new Residence Nil Rate Band, this course also talks you through everything you need to know about how these changes affect your clients planning, and how our unique trust deals with this new legislation.

The definitive guide to Trusts and Taxation of Trusts will increase your knowledge, progress your business and boost your income.


The types of Trust explained

  • Absolute Trust
  • Discretionary
  • Interest in Possession Trust / Life Interest Trust
  • Immediate Post Death Interest (IPDI)

Section 142, IHTA 1984

Deeds of Variation. Are they still important?

Section 144, IHTA 1984

  • What does this section do?
  • Why is it likely to become more frequently used than section 142 above?

New Section 62A (Anti Rysaffe legislation)

  • Trusts settled by Will
  • Trusts settled in lifetime – Life Policies, – Property – Investments

Specialist Trusts & their uses

  • What is a Declaration of Trust used for?
  • Trust of Land
  • Non Settlor Interest Trusts to hold over CGT
  • Life Assurance Trusts – Why use CTTC’s Trusts?
  • Pension Trusts

Inheritance Tax Planning

  • Exemptions and Reliefs
  • Spousal Exemption
  • Charity Exemption
  • NRB (Nil Rate Band)
  • RNRB (Residence Nil Rate Band) to include details of the unique Countrywide Discretionary Trust that can deal with RNRB and NRB

Professional services offered by CTTC Ltd

  • Trustee services
  • Probate and confirmation
  • Clients entering care

Investments in Trust

  • Probate / Gift Trusts
  • Onshore / Offshore Bonds
  • Settlor alive / Settlor Deceased
  • Settlor Interested

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