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When did you last have a cuppa with your accountant?

Was it last week? Last Month? Last year? Maybe you’ve never had a sit-down chat with your accountant and only ever communicate via email?

If you can’t remember the last time you had a proper catch-up with your accountant, ask yourself: ‘Am I working with the right accountancy firm?’

Here’s why:

There’s much more to accounting than just crunching numbers. A good firm will take the time to get to know you and your business; a great firm will become a part of the family.

That’s because your business finances directly impact your personal life – and vice versa. With the right insight, having an accountant that cares makes all the difference when it comes to managing challenges, recognising opportunities, and growing your business successfully.


Want to build your business with the help of a personalised accountancy service? Look for a firm that:

  1. Picks up the phone

So often, a quick answer to an accounting query can help you get things done.  Yet so many firms nowadays use email contact forms and answering services that take hours or even days before you get a response.

A lot can be accomplished with a simple phone call. It saves time, avoids miscommunication, and helps build better working relationships.

A personalised service provides clients with a direct means of communication. They’ll always be available on the end of the phone to listen to your concerns and resolve any queries so you can progress what’s needed.

  1. Provides one-to-one advice

A common misconception is, ‘all accountancy advice is equal’; it doesn’t matter which accountant you use, because they’ll all tell you the same thing.

While it’s true all chartered accountants must operate under the same codes of conduct, the benefits of working with the same accountant are immeasurable.

A personalised service ensures you’ll have your own dedicated accountant. You’ll speak to the same adviser every time, so you receive consistent, tailored advice from a professional who not only knows your business plan but has helped you evolve it.

  1. Inspires trust

Money is a personal matter. Whether it’s your business, home finances, or both, discussing the finer details can be difficult.

Some people find it overwhelming while others feel vulnerable having their figures scrutinised by someone else. This is especially true when dealing with financial difficulties such as outstanding debts.

A personalised accountancy service takes time to build trust with clients. Alongside sound accounting advice, they’ll provide confidential counsel with approachable professionals, offering understanding and support, so you can be confident sharing all aspects of your finances, good and bad.

  1. Offers you flexibility

Running your own business is often all-consuming. Forget 9-5; for many business owners, it’s more like 5am-9pm. Being a start-up business ourselves, we at CTT Accountancy know this!

Finding time to check in and catch up with your accountant can be tricky – especially if it’s a high street practice that operates strict business hours.

A personalised accountancy service will offer flexible meetings at times to suit you. Whether it’s face-to-face or remotely, look for a bespoke approach to managing your accounts, because no two businesses are the same.

  1. Provides a tailored, holistic approach

As your business grows, you may also want to consider adding additional services such as wealth, pension, and estate planning to your accounting. These services don’t come as standard as they require the expertise of a financial adviser or legal expert.

As a specialist in personalised provisions, CTT Accountancy offers clients a holistic approach to managing finances. Alongside business and personal accounting, you can also access Estate Planning, Legal, and Financial Advice all under one roof, courtesy of our professional partners at CTT Group.

This collaborative approach not only saves you time and hassle; it also gives you a unique overview of your finances as a whole and a distinct advantage when it comes to making financial decisions.

  1. Shares your goals

Everyone who starts their own business has one main goal: success! But not everyone’s definition of success is the same. For some, it might be winning new customers, for others, it could be reaching their first milestone – and in some cases, it might mean bringing a struggling business back from the brink.

Business goals can vary and change over time. But no matter your aims, a personalised accounting service will be responsive in helping you achieve them, both in the short and long term.

  1. Is passionate about people

So, when did you last have a cuppa with your accountant? While the idea of a casual catch-up may seem strange, the benefits of working with an accountancy firm that takes time for the little things has a big impact on your business.

Being passionate in accountancy means being proactive; an accountant who cares is always on the lookout for ways to resolve potential issues for their client and help their business flourish.

At CTT Accountancy, we’re passionate about our clients and their concerns. Whether it’s remembering key calendar dates or meticulously managing your growth plans and tax savings, we pay close attention to every little detail, because if it matters to you, it matters to us.


There are many business benefits to working with a personalised accountancy firm. At CTT Accountancy, we believe in getting to know our clients; we want to build a relationship with you, and more often than not, form a friendship, so we can provide you with the best possible tailored support and accounting advice.

Find out more about the personalised accounting services provided by CTT Accountancy here.