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Amy is the dynamic director of CTT Accountancy.

Amy  has been passionate about her career since she was 16 years old. Excelling in mathematics, business, and psychology studies, Amy knew that she wanted to make her mark in the industry. She qualified as a chartered accountant at the age of 22 and co-founded the company shortly after. Now, she manages the business with great autonomy and has steered it to significant success.


Work with Amy

As a director, Amy brings honesty, directness, and exceptional communication skills to the table.

She works with clients from diverse industries, and her understanding of the current client base has made her a valuable asset to the company. Her exposure to various industries, coupled with her well-rounded knowledge of trusts, estate planning, and legal services through her STEP Qualification, has enabled her to offer exceptional service to clients.

Amy is passionate about growth for CTT Accountancy and takes on the responsibility of managing the business side of the company, including team management, recruitment, training, and business development. She is determined, self-motivated, and driven, and her unbeatable work ethic and client ethos are a testament to her remarkable leadership.