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We are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of Poplar Athletic Football Club, a proud member of the Nuneaton & District Sunday Football League (NDSFL) in Warwickshire regions!

Bringing back the Grassroots

Grassroots football clubs across the country have faced financial hardships due to the challenging UK economy and the lingering impact of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the NDSFL experienced a significant decline in sponsors in the recent years, resulting in financial struggles for local teams. For many clubs, this includes difficulties in covering maintenance costs, purchasing essential kits, renting facilities, and laundering expenses.

At the heart of grassroots football, Poplar Athletic FC has become a symbol of strong ethics, exceptional teamwork, and unwavering excellence. With a history dating back to the 1960s, the club boasts an impressive legacy of success, having secured numerous league titles and cups over the years.

Our whole team at CTT Accountancy admires the resilience, dedication, and collective spirit demonstrated by the club. Despite the financial challenges faced by all teams in the league, Poplar Athletic FC has managed to maintain their position at the top for the past two years through hard work and determination.

Sponsoring Poplar Athletic FC

The decision to sponsor Poplar Athletic holds a special place in our hearts, as one of our Directors, Nick Harrison, has been a dedicated player for the team for an impressive 16 years.

“It’s so important to support grassroots football, it’s very difficult at the minute to keep the clubs running”, says Nick.

Recognising the importance of financial support, Nick has also taken on the responsibility of managing the team’s financial accounts.

Through supporting grassroots football, we hope to foster community engagement and celebrate excellence of the team, which has always been integral to our company values. As a token of our commitment, we have provided the team with a brand-new kit, aiming to ignite motivation and a positive start to the forthcoming August season.

Bringing the community together

We understand the significance of community participation in local football and the role that clubs play in bringing people together. Financial constraints not only hinder these clubs from acquiring necessary equipment and but also the image to attract new players and engage the community. Despite the best efforts of fundraising and member contributions, the economic climate continues to present challenges in player recruitment, committee member retention, and league fee coverage.

At CTT Accountancy, we are determined to help Poplar Athletic operate as professionally as possible and want to ensure future triumphs in the league.

We’re thrilled for the new season and excited to see Poplar Athletic thrive once again! By extending our support, we aim to contribute to the longevity of the local grassroots football scene, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the benefits of local football.

With this, we encourage other local businesses to also support their local sports teams at a time where our economy doesn’t make it easy. By rallying together, we can uplift our communities and create an environment where local talent can flourish.

In the words of Nick, “Let’s keep trying to do that. Keep the club tradition going!”