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We understand that managing your orders can be a complex and lengthy process. Our new Case Tracking feature is an all-round solution to case management, effortlessly bridging communication between consultants and clients.

There are multiple components within the order process that require attention and management. With Case Tracking, you will be able to oversee and administer an order from start to finish, all while ensuring your client knows exactly where you are in the process.

A new way to communicate with clients

Legacy’s Case Tracking has been designed with the consultant and client in mind, and aims to reinvent the correspondence and reporting process between the two groups. Clients are provided with updates on order operations in real-time via the Alfi app, which receives its information directly through Legacy’s software. The Case Tracking system removes the inconsistency of phone calls and emails, providing a straight-forward and accessible channel of communication.

Order processing

Case Tracking’s workflows consist of a combination of milestones and steps that encompass the entire order process; from taking instruction to the attestation of the will, all steps in the process are signposted. The client will be able to view the target date for the completion of their order from the very start, and have clear expectations of the service they will receive.

Marking a step as ‘completed’ on the software will trigger a notification to the client and let them know that you are progressing with their case. Likewise, if a case has to go on hold for any reason, you can alert the client through the software and provide reasons for any delays on their order.

Pre-built workflows will be put in place, which you may choose to use. Alternatively, you will also have the freedom to create your own workflows, for which you can define your chosen steps, milestones, and expected timeframes.

Know Your Business

We understand that this new way of working will require you to oversee multiple cases simultaneously. To effectively manage all of your cases at the same time, your workflows will feed into the ‘Know Your Business’ analysis tool. There, you can monitor upcoming steps and those that have exceeded timeframes, as well as having the facility to drill down into individual cases and address any problem steps.

Within the next 4-8 weeks, Phase One of our Case Tracking system will be released.

A handful of the more basic workflows will be made available, and enable the user to adjust the timeframes and steps within them. You will also be able to place a workflow on hold and let your client know why.

The rollout

Following the initial rollout, we will be working to ensure that more complex workflows become available for those who would like to create their own; offering complete customisation and freedom to create templates suited to a particular company or group.

Copy our template workflows and adjust to your method of working by altering the steps and milestones at your discretion.

Additionally, our internal cases will also be deployed using Case Tracking from Probate and Trust Management, to any standard will/LPA that we draft. If the work is with us here at CTT Group, you and the client will be kept in the loop every step of the way.

The Case Tracking system is only available to advisors with the Legacy software. To gain access to our software or begin a free trial, click here. The Alfi app must be downloaded by the client in order to receive live updates on the case.