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If you have a legal problem, we have the solution. We love the law and enjoy wielding its strength for our clients benefit, whether as a shield or a sword.

Expertise in all aspects of law

Our CTT lawyers offer specialist multi-disciplinary advice from our beautiful home at Gables House in Leamington Spa, just a stone’s throw from the breath-taking Warwickshire countryside.

We keep our clients’ best interests at the heart of everything we do, and having just passed the 3 million client mark, our track record speaks for itself. We are leading innovators within the industry with an approach that gets the job done.

We are privileged to work with our clients’ families and over 3000 business clients across the UK generation after generation. Our expertise lies in the depth of our knowledge across a broad church of legal disciplines, and many of our business clients see us as their legal team. Get in touch to learn more about how our Leamington Spa solicitors can help, from conveyancing to civil litigation advice.

Our Services

Our mission is to achieve excellence in the provision of legal services

We recognise that excellence is a high bar and a bold claim. However, we also understand that excellence is the product of hard work, experience, and diligence, which is why we place an unrivalled emphasis on training and development.

Our experienced staff are well equipped to deal with the most complicated matters, with the confidence and no-nonsense approach that comes from having first put in the work, which marks us apart from our competition. We understand that our objective is to accomplish a positive result for our customers.


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Our Responsibility
Our Privilege

CTT Legal benefits from bespoke case management systems, and a strong emphasis on training and development aimed at achieving and maintaining technical excellence.

We understand that our clients have typically been exposed to other legal practices and matters of law before. We need to be able to demonstrate our depth of technical ability and expert knowledge without question.