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We’re pleased to announce that we are extending the referral system in CTT’s Legacy Software. Our Legacy users can now find a dedicated referral section in the software, making the client referral process even more accessible.

CTT Group is a unique support mechanism for the professional advisor community, which means we have an interdisciplinary collective of specialists who can complete work on your behalf for a referral fee. With our Legacy software, you can request quotes, find key information on the process, and access all client orders that you’ve placed.

Probate Referrals

It all started with the probate referral feature, which has been live for over a year now, providing consultants with speedy quotes and a consistent, easy-to-use service.

If you have a client who is an executor in a Will or a personal representative of an interstate estate, you can access our probate services via Legacy’s referral system. Alternatively, you may have taken will instruction for a client who has now sadly passed away; with our referral service, you can offer probate to support the client’s executor.

Litigation Referrals

Within the last couple of months, litigation referrals have been introduced within Legacy, which covers general litigation and contentious probate referral.

For general litigation, you can submit enquiries for any contentious or non-contentious civil matters, such as expert legal drafting, reviewing and providing legal advice, early-stage correspondence, investigative work and more.

These enquiries are referred to our strategic partners, CTT Law, an SRA-regulated legal firm and specialists in civil litigation.

Referrals Coming Soon

Now that we’ve housed all referrals under one section of the software, you can easily keep track of every client order you’ve placed and find all of the services we have available.

Plus, we also include referrals that are ‘coming soon’ to show our advisor network what we are working on and the extra services you can expect to start offering your clients in the near future – so watch this space!

If you have any questions about our referral system – or perhaps you’re new to CTT Legacy and would like to enquire – please get in touch.