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electronic signatures new standard

In May 2021, we announced the exciting news that Legal Director. Charlotte Ponder has been appointed to the Working Group on Electronic Execution of Documents established by the Ministry of Justice.

The Group consists of several experts with diverse skill sets from the legal, business and technology sectors. They convened for three years to address the practical issues relating to the electronic execution of documents across law and industry.

Tasked with producing best practice guidelines for using electronic signatures for individuals and commercial transactions. In addition, the IWG will analyse the security and reliability of a range of technologies.

However they are considering the solutions to the challenges arising from using electronic signatures from a practical and safeguarding perspective, particularly regarding fraud prevention.

Back in 2017, the Law Commission confirmed that businesses could legally use electronic signatures safely for most purposes. However, standardisation was needed to encourage companies to adopt them.

The IWG has now published an interim report containing recommendations surrounding electronic signatures and demonstrates the significant progress made.

You can read the report here. 

Charlotte says: 

“I have enjoyed contributing to such a worthwhile project alongside my fellow group members. 

Within my role at CTT Group, I have always been alive to the power of technology and how it can provide additional efficiencies and protections, resulting in an improved customer journey. I believe that electronic signatures can offer other safeguards beyond those available through traditional signing methods. Technology has always been at the forefront of my mind when establishing processes within my role.

I look forward to seeing an increase in electronic signatures across law and business in the future. I hope the Group’s interim report gives others the confidence to use electronic signatures.”

In line with the outcomes in the original consultation on electronic signatures. CTT Group’s Legacy software contains an entirely paperless sale process. The receipt, terms of business, and bespoke disclaimer (drafted considering the chosen products and services) can all be signed electronically and a complete audit trail retained.

Requests for ID can be requested directly from the software to allow the client to upload their documents securely. Two-factor authentication sends documentation to clients for review and signature via a secure portal.

If you would like a free trial of CTT’s Legacy software, please contact us here.