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Wealth Planning

Wealth planning involves structuring your wealth, preserving it, building, and eventually transferring it to your loved ones. Wealth planning combines investment, business succession, and wealth protection.

Depending on where you are in life, your wealth will benefit you in different ways.

Our advisors will carefully review your financial needs for your business and your personal life. We will then create dynamic wealth planning plans for you, assisting you in preserving, growing, and passing on your money. These strategies will act as a road map for your future financial situation.

Regular Financial Monitoring

As soon as your plan is in place, our advisor will send you regular statements to keep you updated on your portfolio. In addition, our advisor will organise frequent meetings to go over your goals, progress, and any questions you might have.

Signs you may need an advisor


Your financial situation is making you angry, stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed.

Speak to an advisor if you are financially stable but want assurance that you’re on the right path. Our knowledgeable advisors at CTT Group can make suggestions for improvements to your action plan, helping you achieve your goals more successfully.


You don’t have a current estate plan

A financial advisor can also help you create an estate plan to make sure that when you die, your assets are handled according to your wishes


You have investments but are still losing money

Even the most successful investors occasionally suffer financial setbacks due to poor decisions they make or a weak market. But if you invest wisely, you can dramatically increase your net worth. If your investment strategy isn’t working, you should speak with a financial advisor to pinpoint areas that could use improvement and modify your strategy accordingly.

Get in touch

Our highly skilled experts can provide solutions specific to your needs, from wealth planning to creating an investment portfolio.

We collaborate with your wealth manager to help you achieve your financial objectives, whether you’re trying to fund a significant purchase, invest in a new business, or negotiate a specific financial arrangement, we can offer advice on workable alternatives. To learn more about our financial advice services, contact us.