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Wealth Planning

Wealth planning is when you structure your wealth to preserve it, build it and then transfer it to your loved ones. Wealth planning combines wealth protection, business succession, and investments.

Your wealth will serve you differently at separate stages of your life.

We will carefully examine both your personal and business financial needs. Then, to help you protect, expand and pass on your wealth, we will develop dynamic wealth planning strategies tailored to you. These strategies will serve as a roadmap for your financial future.

Regular Financial Monitoring

Once your strategy is in place, our advisor will send you regular statements to inform you about your portfolio. Furthermore, our advisor will schedule frequent meetings to discuss your objectives and progress and to address any queries you may have.

Signs you may need an advisor


You feel upset, stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by your financial circumstances

When you are financially secure but just want reassurance that you’re on the right path, speaking to an advisor can also help. At CTT Group, our qualified advisors can suggest changes to your strategy, helping you accomplish your objectives more effectively.


You don’t have a current estate plan

A financial advisor can also assist you in setting up an estate plan to ensure that your assets are managed according to your wishes after you pass away.


You have investments but are still losing money

Even the most successful investors experience financial setbacks when they make a bad decision or when the market is weak. But when done correctly, investing can significantly raise your net worth. If your investment plan is not producing results, you should consult a financial advisor to identify areas of improvement and adjust your plan accordingly.

Get in touch

From wealth planning to building an investment portfolio, our team of highly trained specialists can tailor solutions to your circumstances.

We work in conjunction with your wealth manager. So we can advise on practical strategies for accomplishing your financial goals, whether you’re looking to fund a major purchase, invest in a new business, or secure a specific finance arrangement. Get in touch to find out more about our financial advice services.