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Wealth Planning

Wealth planning is the process of structuring your wealth to protect it, build it and then pass it to your loved ones. Business succession, investments, and wealth protection are all included in wealth planning.

Your wealth will serve you differently at different stages of your life.

We will thoroughly review your personal and business financial requirements. Then, we will create dynamic wealth planning plans specific to you to assist you in protecting, growing, and passing on your money. These strategies will help you map out your financial future.

Regular Financial Monitoring

Our advisor will give you regular statements to keep you updated on your portfolio once your strategy is in place. Additionally, our adviser will arrange frequent meetings to go over your goals and progress and answer any questions you might have.

Signs you may need an advisor


You’re upset, apprehensive, stressed, or overburdened by your financial situation

Speaking with an advisor might also be helpful if you are financially secure but merely want confirmation that you’re on the right track. At CTT Group, our knowledgeable advisors can make changes to your plan to help you achieve your goals more successfully.


You don’t currently have an estate plan.

To ensure that your assets are managed according to your preferences when you die, a financial advisor can help you create an estate plan.


Despite your investments, you continue to lose money

A weak market or a wrong decision can cause a setback for even the most successful investors. However, investing properly can greatly increase your net worth. If your investment strategy isn’t working, you should contact a financial advisor to pinpoint potential problem areas and modify your strategy as necessary.

Get in touch

Our team of highly qualified specialists can provide solutions that are specific to your needs, from wealth planning to creating an investment portfolio.

Together with your wealth manager, we can build an effective strategy. So whether you’re trying to fund a significant purchase, invest in a new business, or secure a specific finance arrangement, we can offer advice on workable options for achieving your financial goals. To learn more about our independent financial advice services in Coventry, get in touch.