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Our incredible team at CTT Group have diverse experiences, skills and knowledge bases, meaning we have a vast pool to draw from when advising our clients. It also creates a rich, thriving culture to work within.

One of our directors, Andrew Houston, is a prime example. He has a self-professed obsession with rugby and spent much of his youth pursuing the sport at both amateur and professional levels.

In the latest episode of the Chamber Talks Business podcast, Andrew explains how the lessons he learned from rugby fed into his career and ultimately led him to CTT Group.

Andrew is the first to admit that he stumbled into his career in wealth management. In what was supposed to be his gap year before university, Andrew took a trainee position at an investment management business. During this time, his top priority was playing rugby but the new job sparked his curiosity and hunger to learn. Like with rugby, it gave him another opportunity to grow.

He soon realised that he could apply many of the lessons he learned from sport to business. Principles such as self-discipline, striving to improve and group achievements (to name but a few) have served him well on his journey.

Andrew didn’t go to university in the end. Instead, he found himself progressing through the ranks until he was Head of of Barclays Wealth Management. After 32 years there, he stepped away with a desire to develop and feel challenged in new ways. That is what brought him to CTT.

Andrew’s love of sporting teamwork has made transitioning from the blue-chip world to CTT’s family-feel ethos a breeze. And we’re grateful for his rugby traits that enrich CTT’s culture and service.

Hear more about the sporting lessons Andrew Houston has brought with him to CTT Group, what he finds unique about CTT and, most importantly, what his favourite sporting quote is.

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