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Training and development are cornerstones of our values at CTT Group. As our organisation expands, we are actively seeking innovative approaches to enhance our teams, not only in terms of capacity but also capability.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that from 3-11 August, CTT Group successfully delivered its first week-long induction programme, welcoming and onboarding 10 new members of staff to the Trust Management Department following a targeted recruitment campaign.

The programme

Over the course of the week, the newly onboarded members participated in a competency-driven induction programme. This comprehensive training covered vital skills, including Trusts, Probate, and Conveyancing, as well as essential competencies like effective communication and telephone etiquette.

“We were so pleased with how everyone came together to collaborate and deliver this induction, which really showed throughout the week,” says CTT HR & Office Manager, Julie Lockley. “We hope to adopt a more in-depth induction for all future recruits, enhancing their ability to assist our clientele from day one.”

An immersive training experience

As a training provider to our staff and the wider estate planning community, we know the importance of starting on the right foot and being supported through what can be a steep learning curve. The induction program has sought to address this and echoes our commitment to developing our staff from day one.

As an integral component of their training, the inductees engaged in simulated scenarios and interacted with test clients within our software. This immersive experience equipped them with the proficiency to adeptly operate and update the systems they will be using in their time with us.

Embedded into the training was a significant emphasis on customer care and understanding the client journey. The values of teamwork and collaboration were underscored as essential qualities to attain these goals. This holistic approach included introductions to all our departments and strategic partners, creating a comprehensive view for the inductees.

The future of onboarding

The blend of competence-enhancing workshops held in our Training Room, combined with hands-on assignments fostering teamwork and customer service, has left a significant imprint on our approach to future staff onboarding.

“The balanced nature of the training addressing all aspects of the job has been important and we are thankful for having such an engaging cohort of inductees that have really impressed over the induction period already,” says Trust Management Team Leader, Connor Boland.

Senior Trust Coordinator, Abi Rose adds: “Being involved in something like this has given me an opportunity to learn and build on my personal skills whilst also contributing towards the development of my colleagues. I am excited to be part of their journey with us moving forward.”

Induction success

We are delighted to share that the induction process has been highly successful. The individuals involved in delivering the training take great pride in the seamless coordination, while those undergoing induction have consistently offered positive feedback throughout the journey.

“The structure of the training was very professional but also engaging and the provision of reference material was very helpful,” says Trust Management Inductee, Daniil Jevdokimovs.Integration within the team has also been great, with help and support provided by my colleagues to assist in my gradual increase in case load.”

In our pursuit of ongoing improvement, we are in the process of gathering feedback from our other inductees and those who played a role in conducting the induction, with the aim of consolidating our progress.

We look forward to your warm reception of our new cohort during your interactions with them, as we continue to enhance our service offerings for the broader public.

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