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Spencer Tattam: From part-time probate advisor, to in-house Technical Director

17 Years of Service

Current Position: Technical Director


Spencer’s leap into CTT was not something he had ever anticipated.

After obtaining a Finance and Business degree, Spencer intended to pursue a management career at his local Sainsbury’s supermarket. One day, a colleague suggested he interviewed for an entry position with a financial firm, which would eventually move base and neighbour our CTT headquarters.

Reminiscent of a superhero origins’ story-line, Spencer had unknowingly crossed paths with our founders long before discovering his own path at CTT. Whilst working next door to CTT for his previous employer, Spencer demonstrated unrivalled determination, curiosity, and drive. His aptitude resulted in a request from our directors to reallocate some of his working time to building the foundations of CTT. What began as a two-day-a-week role with us, quickly turned into five, and the rest is history!

Having joined the Group as one of its first six employees, Spencer is no doubt a key protagonist here at CTT. He is regarded as a fantastic mentor, director, and an encyclopaedic car enthusiast with volumes of knowledge that continue to astound us! Spencer’s journey from a casual advisor to our Technical Director had little to do with luck, and everything to do with his ability to educate, lead, and support our team at CTT group.

Training Completed

  • Level 4 Certificate for Financial Advisers (QCF)
  • STEP Foundation course
  • STEP Diploma
What makes a company good to work for?

I think the best companies are headed up by people who have done it; done the grass roots, been to see the clients… they understand what the people that are joining us are going to be faced with”, says Spencer. CTT proudly supports our colleagues, by helping them acquire the fundamental skills needed to thrive in the Law, Finance, and Estate Planning sectors.

As with Spencer, sometimes our greatest career moves emerge from our curiosity. At CTT, we welcome inquisitive minds, and if you have the work ethic to pursue your professional interests, the sky really is the limit.

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