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Why choose a professional executor?

When executing a will, a professional executor is often the best option, especially if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • There are multiple assets, such as bank accounts and savings, shares, bonds, and investments
  • Property is to be sold or conveyed
  • The estate is of a high value and/or there is inheritance tax to pay
  • Inheritance tax allowances are to be claimed
  • There is a business in the estate, or the deceased was a partner in a business
  • Agricultural property is part of the estate
  • There are family trusts or large gifts to under 18’s
  • There is a potential claim under the Provision for Family and Dependants Act 1975 by someone who feels unfairly treated by the will, or by the rules of intestacy
  • The will is poorly drafted
  • Beneficiaries cannot be traced.

In such situations, CTT can provide further support by arranging an estate search to locate any unascertained assets held by the deceased. We can also gain access to solicitors and accountants for further administration that may be required. Plus, our experts can help you to navigate the rules around tax and allowances.

Fixed Fee Probate Service

Unlike many of our competitors, we provide a Fixed Fee Probate Service, which is quoted in advance of any work being undertaken, providing you with the security of knowing the cost at the outset.

Advice on asset protection

As part of our probate service, our team can also offer independent advice on the will itself and recommend strategies to ensure that the assets being passed through the will to the beneficiaries are protected from possible circumstances such as: marriage after death, care, further inheritance tax, divorce, creditors and bankruptcy.