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Helping Families

Our Client Care team also help families who need to apply for Deputyship where capacity has been lost and act as Professional Attorneys for your clients concerning their financial affairs. In addition, we can offer our support and advice should you get complaints or requests for Will files, as well as helping you to understand your obligations with regards to Anti-Money Laundering.

Clients needs, our priority.

We try to explain things as simply and clearly as possible, to help the families of your client’s who are often stressed trying to understand everything they are required to do.

There is a lot of terminology to understand and a lot of forms to fill in; we strive to simplify this process as much as possible for the families and help wherever we can. We are like bouncers at a nightclub, standing at the door to the trust to ensure it’s protected!

At CTT Group, we aim to treat all clients equally with the utmost respect and dignity. We take all necessary steps to ensure that Vulnerable Clients feel reassured and secure whilst we represent them. Our priority is to ensure that all limitations such as mobility, hearing or visual impairment are taken into consideration when meeting the clients needs.