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Working in Partnership

We know and respect that it’s your reputation on the line when making professional referrals, so we want to ensure that we do you and your clients justice. Our Trust Management team are the heart and soul of our professional Trustee service and ensure the smooth operation of all our trusts.

When you appoint us as a professional Trustee, we form a partnership with you and your client that transcends generations. As the Professional Advisor to the Trust, the family becomes your client rather than just the individual you established the Trust for which provides you with a multitude of opportunities for referrals.

We work together with you and your clients to ensure that all work relating to the Trust is thorough and the best solution for your clients’ individual circumstances.

We grant Advisers numerous benefits and incentives for referrals if your client appoints us as their professional Trustee.

Client Benefits

Ultimately, what is good for the client is good for us all. Having an independent third-party involvement gives your client confidence that the correct decisions will be made, as well as knowing we will remain neutral during potentially emotive disputes. Get in touch to learn more about our professional trustee services.

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