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In the bustling corridors of CTT Group, recognition shines on the hard work and dedication of individuals who take on new challenges.

This is why Saba, a new member of the Trust Management Team, was December’s employee of the month. Saba embarked on her professional journey at CTT during her placement year at Coventry University and has become an asset within our Trust Management department. In a short span, she has woven herself into the fabric of the team, showcasing a strong work ethic, and a hunger for learning. Learn about her journey so far!


Learning in Action

For Saba, stepping into her role at CTT marked a crucial milestone—the beginning of her professional career. Grateful for the opportunity, she describes her time at CTT as an educational journey, offering invaluable insights into a professional working environment and daily operations within a legal team.

“As a law student, being able to see the practice side of things has been extremely insightful as I get to see how the law is applied on a daily basis,” says Saba.

Aside from the legal expertise, it was the appealing combination of a friendly work environment and a balanced work-life dynamic that drew Saba to CTT for her placement year.

“It was a key aspect for me while choosing CTT as this has made me more motivated to learn and contribute to our shared success,” she explains.

At CTT, we pride ourselves on cultivating a workplace where every staff member feels content, comfortable, and aligned with their schedules, and believe that having a great work-life balance is crucial to our widespread success.


Foundation through Training

Saba’s initial phase at CTT consisted of building a professional foundation through training, ensuring that she is equipped with all necessary tools and knowledge to start her position.

Acknowledging the importance of training in every new member’s CTT journey, we underscore its pivotal role by offering extensive support to those commencing their professional path. This method aims to build confidence among newcomers and reaffirms the group’s unwavering support as they navigate new challenges in their roles.

“The training has assisted me in establishing a strong foundation on knowledge. The training has been very helpful and has helped me to take more responsibilities when working,” states Saba.

What also stood out for Saba was the consistent focus on learning—a culture upheld through weekly training and open Q&A sessions, in which staff members can update their knowledge, ask questions, and solidify their understanding of legal concepts and their applications. Saba emphasises the freedom to enquire and acquire knowledge as one of her highlights during her time at CTT, providing the ‘flexibility to be able to always ask and learn’, which has made her feel supported throughout her journey.


Navigating the Work Terrain

Transitioning from university to a professional work environment is always a significant adjustment. At CTT, we aim to make this transition as smooth as possible by providing continued support and supervision to those starting out at CTT Group. It was our mission to welcome Saba into the legal environment and equip her with all skills necessary for her to succeed.

“My colleagues have been extremely supportive and understanding of my position and have guided me throughout the process, which has helped me to adapt to this environment faster than I was anticipating,” Saba shares.

Similarly, at CTT Group, we strive to immerse our new team members in practical tasks, enabling them to swiftly adapt and receive expert guidance every step of the way. Our goal is to offer our staff a hands-on experience, and Saba’s proactive and enthusiastic approach to engagement has been evident from the start.

“I’m grateful that during my experience, I’ve been entrusted with taking on more responsibilities. This is very valuable to me as it allows me to be exposed to the work that lets me put my knowledge into practice on a daily basis,” says Saba.

Saba has seamlessly integrated into our team, fostering connections with various departments across CTT, and being extremely helpful in tackling daily legal tasks.

Ongoing Development

As for her professional development, Saba has set herself personal goals which she’d like to achieve within the group. “I’m eager to widen my experience and add more to my current knowledge. With all the support we receive, I’m seeking to reach a position where I can share my knowledge with others and contribute to supporting them,” she states.

We continue to support Saba in achieving her professional and personal goals during her time with us. Her enthusiasm, dedication to continuous growth, and diligent work ethic are highly valued. With her contributions, we are confident she will not only excel but also contribute to the enhancement of the Trust Management Department.

At CTT, we’re passionate about supporting our team members’ personal development. Click here to view our current vacancies and keep an eye out for more news about our fantastic employees!