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Dealing with clients who have large property portfolios or limited companies that own the same can feel like a bit of a minefield and in these two sessions, we will be arming you with what you need to feel more confident to tackle some of the key issues clients with such assets face.

In the first of the two sessions, we will be looking at the planning opportunities for clients with personal (non-corporate ownership) properties and these will range from the basics of ensuring that such a client has the right Will in place and how this should be structured, to take advantage of opportunities whereby significant perceived tax liabilities can be immediately taken away.

Despite the introduction of the Residence Nil Rate Band in 2017 ‘increasing’ the tax-free allowance available to some individuals on death, Inheritance Tax receipts are up and clients with property portfolios in the main can have a difficult job of managing their Inheritance Tax, mostly due to the Capital Gains Tax issue of disposing of assets.

Capital Gains Tax free allowances have been reduced and will continue to be so meaning that it is extremely difficult to dispose of assets without triggering a charge to CGT and there is also the perception that to give something away means you cannot continue to enjoy a benefit of the gifted asset.

It is possible with the use of trusts to make a significant dent into a clients Inheritance Tax liability, without creating an immediate charge to Capital Gains Tax and without necessarily losing them their right to benefit in the future, meaning a client can have their cake and eat it, all of which we will cover in this first session.

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