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Three-Dimensional Estate Planning for Business Owners

‘Three-Dimensional Estate Planning for Business Owners’ is all about ensuring succession of your clients’ existing businesses in the most tax-efficient and fair manner, allowing both business continuity (for the surviving business owners) and for the family of the deceased business owner to benefit from the value created by them during their lifetime.

This is 3-D in that we will look at all of the elements that need to be considered and explain how they fit together, i.e. the need for a cross option, how life insurance should be setup and how the Will should be written to protect the assets, providing tax-efficient opportunities going forward without restricting the enjoyment and use of assets.

The majority of all Cross Option agreements should involve the use of life insurance, trusts and the updating of all of the shareholders wills and you can be the person advising on all of this.

This event therefore provides the tools and knowledge for you to exploit an opportunity for business owners who are already clients of yours as well as enabling you to source for future clients too.


  • Option Agreements / Single / Double
  • Structuring Shareholders Trusts and the use of multiple trusts – sheltering the shares of the deceased in Trusts as opposed to being held absolutely by the surviving business owners.
  • Relevant Life Insurance / Key Man Insurance – where do these fit in for Business Protection.
  • Business Property Relief (the importance of ‘proper’ death planning / traps for the unwary)
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