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In the second of our sessions, we will primarily focus our attention on corporate ownership.
Ever since the introduction of the phasing out of mortgage interest relief in 2017 The thoughts in the minds of almost every rental property portfolio owner, however big or small is incorporation of their portfolio, a lot of which is triggered by the reduction of mortgage interest relief.

However there are many considerations here before any client should ‘make the jump’ and in many instances, probably more often than not, corporate ownership isn’t the right way forwards and we will cover these with scenario’s where incorporation makes good sense, vs where it does not.

Again, the basics of how the Will should be structured is a must and we can then move into how a limited company looks, options with share restructuring and how a family investment company differs from limited company which owns a property portfolio, if at all!

The principle of the issues that face owners of personal property from those with limited companies are in essence the same, Inheritance Tax on the value of the company, Capital Gains Tax on a gift of shares but there are subtle differences in terms of how you manage limited company planning than that of personally owned properties and we will cover these.

Finally, we will cover some case studies from both sessions and provide a shoutout to life assurance, which is a must have conversation with any client who is looking to mitigate or reduce their IHT liability.

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