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Katy Kirkland

When asked which superhero she relates to, Katy chose Black Widow, a hero who holds her own against extra-terrestrial gods without any superpowers. It's safe to say that in the real world, as a mum of three and CTT manager, Katy's abilities are definitely superhuman!
12 Years of Service
Projects and Risk Manager
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Michael Hughes

Michael’s early aspirations to deliver milk came from a desire to get his working day over and done with before breakfast. But his ambition to be a solicitor and CTT’s collaborative work culture have made him a committed member of the team.
3 Years of Service
Newly Qualified solicitor
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Lucy Miles

As an avid sports fan, school-aged Lucy thought she’d become a P.E. teacher, but her team leadership skills and determination were destined to find a home elsewhere! We’ve loved seeing Lucy climb the CTT career ladder, and will continue to champion her victories!
14 years of Service
Practice Manager of Private Client, Director of CEP IFA LTD
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Spencer Tattam

Spencer’s leap into CTT was not something he had ever anticipated. After obtaining a Finance and Business degree, Spencer intended to pursue a management career at his local Sainsbury’s supermarket. One day, a colleague suggested he interviewed for an entry position with a financial firm, which would eventually move base and neighbour our CTT headquarters.
17 Years of Service
Technical Director
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Debbie Bates

Having spent over 10 years in an office without a window, Debbie was long overdue a room with a view. Unfortunately (or so it seemed at first), she was made redundant from the company where she'd worked for over a decade. It was a blow, especially for someone like Debbie, whose loyalty, dedication, and hard work is evident in everything she does. However, when one door closes, another one opens...
11 Years of Service
Company Accountant at CTT Group, Finance Director and Compliance Officer at CTT Law
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James Fisher

If you asked James what makes him management material, he’d likely tell you he doesn’t know. But ask anyone who’s worked with him and you’ll get a long list of answers – his determination, expertise and approachability being just a few!
8 Years of Service
Trust and Estate Practitioner
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Mickey Nagra

With a BTEC in Fine Art and a passion for guitar, Mickey’s creative flair might seem an unlikely fit for a company of specialists in law, finance and estate planning - but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Mickey and his versatility have certainly found a home at CTT Group.
15 Years of Service
Systems & Software Manager
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